Survey of Traditional Latin Mass and Novus Ordo attendees on matters of Faith

We know that, but in view of the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the New Mass, it is interesting to read an independent survey that exposes the huge difference in beliefs and religious practices between regular attendants of the Traditional Mass with regular attendants of the Novus Ordo Mass.  As says the famous principle Lex Orandi – Lex Credendi: the law of belief flows from the law of prayer and vice-versa.  Feel free to pass a copy of that study to your Novus Ordo friends who still believe in the goodness of the new liturgy.

Traditional Latin Mass National Survey

The objective of this pilot study was to measure the fruit of the two Masses, by directly comparing the TLM and NOM attendees’ responses to the same questions.   The survey consisted of seven questions on the beliefs and attitudes of the respondents. Data was collected between March 2018 and November 2018. The surveys were anonymous and unique responses only were tallied.

These were the topics:

  1. Approval of contraception
  2. Approval of abortion
  3. Weekly Mass attendance
  4. Approval of same sex marriage
  5. Percentage of income donated
  6. Annual Confession among weekly Mass attendees
  7. Fertility Rate


Results Analysis:

Novus Ordo clergy usually put the blame on secularism within Modern society as the main cause of decreasing sacramental participation in the Catholic Church. However, the present survey, compared with other data, reveals a striking variance between Catholics attending the TLM versus those who attend the NOM. These differences are dramatic when comparing beliefs, church attendance, monetary generosity, and fertility rates. Importantly, TLM families have a nearly 60% larger family size. This will translate to a changing demographic within the Church. TLM attendees donate 5 times more in the collection, indicating that they are far more invested than the NOM attendees. TLM Catholics go to Mass every Sunday at 4.5 times the rate of their NOM brethren. This implies a deep commitment to the faith. The almost universal adherence to the Sunday Mass obligation depicts Catholics who are deeply in love with their faith and cannot imagine missing their Sunday privilege.


Source: Traditional Latin Mass National Survey by Fr. Donald Kloster St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Norwalk, Connecticut USA.