Public Sunday Mass


Toronto (Etobicoke)

8AM | 10AM

Please contact us for reservations.


10AM | 12PM | 5PM

St. Catharine's

8AM | 10AM 

Please contact [email protected]

New Hamburg

Please contact [email protected] or access website here



Starting Sunday December 5, Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham will be at 4:00pm instead of 5:00pm. 

This change should affect only the winter months.

We request that all faithful without exception register for Mass.

For sure you are not used to such disciplinary rules while going to church. That may appear to be a heavy burden to some people, but I trust that all our faithful will be cooperative with this sacrifice, in order to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


For Confessions:

Confessions & Communion services are available everyday, but you need book an appointment using our Booking feature. Please find here more details.


Livestream Mass:

For the time being, our daily Mass will still be livestreamed (please find here schedule and link for youtube channel).


We do understand that these measures are a constraint, but keep in mind that it is the price to pay to be able to have public Mass again in our church.  Thank you for your kind cooperation.


NOTE: According to a City of Toronto bylaw, the use of face mask is mandatory in all indoor public gatherings. However, the decision to follow or to not follow this bylaw is left to the individual who may have legitimate reasons to wear a mask, or to claim for an exemption. In any case, it is not the job of the priest to police the said bylaw. In all things, Charity!