Priory Bulletin

The Sacred-Heart and the Priesthood

May 17, 2023
As you know, the month of June is dedicated to the devotion to the Sacred-Heart of Jesus. Following Abbot Marmion, let me give you the main idea behind this devotion:

Ecumenism: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

January 22, 2021
Pope Pius XI, who wrote Mortalium Animos, the encyclical on Ecumenism

Historical Outline of the Society of Saint Pius X

October 30, 2020
In light of the Society of Saint Pius X's anniversary, let's celebrate its history and the community it has built.

The Special Grace of the Society of St. Pius X

October 30, 2020
The anniversary of the foundation of a religious congregation gives occasion to reflect on the spirit of its founder; the spirit that he intended to communicate to the members of his religious community.

The Rosary To Keep The Faith

October 01, 2020
Over the past years, we kept in touch with you by means of a monthly bulletin.  Last spring, at the beginning of the Covid crisis, we had to adapt to this new situation with things moving quickly. 

Historia Magistra Vitae

August 29, 2020
Historia est Magistra Vitae - History is the Teacher of Life. This famous motto, first credited to the Roman orator Cicero, still applies to our times. In other words, the knowledge of what happened to the people who lived before us, as it is recorded by history, becomes an asset when we need to lay a judgement on current-day situations.

Debate on the authority of Vatican II

August 07, 2020
Last month, we spoke about the ban on communion on the tongue, authoritatively imposed by several local bishops, including His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins, the Ordinary of Toronto, as a “sanitary measure”, supposed to prevent the spreading of the Covid-19.

Communion on the Tongue

July 06, 2020
On June 10, His Eminence Cardinal Collins issued a letter to the clergy and the faithful of the Archdiocese of Toronto, to present extended regulations called “Archdiocese of Toronto - Return to Church – WorshipSafe Guidelines.”

Fear of God, or Fear of the World?

June 20, 2020
Almost three Months after the start of the restrictive measures, it is time to give a psychological and spiritual assessment of the Covid-19 crisis that we are going through and propose some solutions. 

Fatima and the Coronavirus

May 06, 2020
This year, tragically, there was no public celebration of the Holy Week and Easter in most countries of the world! What the two World Wars could not do in the 20th century, a Nano millimeter tiny virus was able to achieve within a Month!