May 14: Feast of Saint Victor and Corona

May 13, 2020
Source: District of Canada
Saint Corona

According to the «Illustre Certamen», a text written by a deacon of the Church of Antioch in the 4th century, Vittore was a Christian soldier from Cilicia.

During the persecution of Marcus Aurelius, he was denounced to the prefect Sebastian and subjected to torture.

While he was suffering, while remaining serene in the faith, the bride of a companion in arms, whose name was Corona, who was not yet sixteen years old, declared that she too was Christian and encouraged him.

She was arrested and subjected to a brief interrogation, after which she was tied by her feet to the tops of two palm trees, bent to the ground, and quartered alive. Vittore, instead, was beheaded. The relics are venerated at the sanctuary dedicated to them in Feltre.

Roman Martyrology: In Syria, saints Victor and Corona, martyrs, who suffered martyrdom together.