Consecration of the SSPX to Saint Joseph

March 17, 2023
Consecration of the SSPX to Saint Joseph

On March 19, 2013, the Society of Saint Pius X was solemnly consecrated to Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.
Therefore, on this coming March 19, it will be ten years since the spouse of Mary Immaculate, by virtue of this consecration, has been watching over our Society in a very special way. This date is a natural opportunity to reiterate this solemn act, and to place ourselves with renewed confidence in the hands of the greatest of our benefactors.

(Excerpts from a letter from SSPX general house).

Act of Consecration of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X to Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church

O glorious Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Immaculate Virgin, Foster Father of the Son of God, appointed Head of the Holy Family and raised up as Heavenly Patron of the Universal Church; thou whose faith triumphed over doubt, whose justice was as great as thy chastity, whose obedience was the servant of thy wisdom, whose strength went hand in hand with thy prudence and whose magnanimity vied with thy humility; thou model of those devoted to labour, assurance of those in the midst of battle, terror of the demons unleashed against the work of the Redeemer; thou who didst employ all thy virtues in saving the God-man from grave perils, and who from on high dost protect His Mystical Body, subjected to the ever-renewed attacks of its enemies; Cast thine eyes upon this little portion of the flock of Jesus Christ, which an inscrutable plan of God has raised up to safeguard the Catholic priesthood and the Catholic Faith.