Commemoration of All Souls: Send us the names of your departed loved ones

October 15, 2020
Source: District du Canada

We are happy to accept the names of the deceased. Their names will be placed on the altar of the Saint-Joseph chapel in Saint-Césaire and their souls recommended at each Mass celebrated during the month of November.

The dead cannot speak. Their souls' most fervent request - prayer - cannot be transmitted to us. Due to this silence, it is easy for us to slowly forget those who have passed, even our dearest friends and family members. For this reason, our Holy Mother Church has dedicated a month for these souls, still very much a part of the Mystical Body of Christ. She asks us to redouble our efforts in prayer and sacrifice for them, to assist them to their heavenly reward.

You may submit to us names of your departed loved ones by one of three ways:

Centre saint-Joseph
1395 rue Notre Dame
Saint-Césaire, QC, J0L 1T0

No stipend is required for this act of charity, but if you would like to offer a gift to Saint-Joseph center, you may do so, either by mail or by visiting our donation page