Lenten Parish Mission Schedule

12 Apr - 14 Apr
11 Aldgate Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 3L4

The 2019 Parish Mission will be given by Rev. Fr. Jules Belisle

April 12, Friday of Passion Week       

Our Lady of Sorrows

Stations of the Cross 6:15pm

Mass at 7:15am & 7:00pm

Day 1 Lenten Conference at 8:00pm

April 13, Saturday of Passion Week

Mass at 7:15am & 8:00am

Day 2 Lenten Conference at 9:00am

April 14, Palm Sunday

Confessions at 7:30 am, Mass at 8:00 am 

Rosary & Conf. at 9:30 am, Blessing of Palms at 10:00 am followed by Mass

* Bring your lunch

Day 3 Close: Meditated Stations of the Cross at 1:00pm

Vespers and Benediction at 4:00pm

Mass at 5:00pm