Good reading

The September-October issue of the Angelus Press magazine is dedicated to “Digital Dependence”. Our twenty-first century appears to be more and more an age of “digital dependence”.

From computers to tablets and smartphones, screens have been invading our daily life, up to the point that it seems that we need them for everything. We must confess that many of us are addicted to this digital culture.

For sure, new technologies could be used to access books that are out-of-print or would be difficult to find but, to be honest, few are the people who spend their time reading the complete works of St. Augustine or St. Thomas Aquinas on Kindle! According to a study1 posted on the Pew Research Center website early this year, about a quarter of American adults (24%) say they haven’t read a book in whole or in part in the past year, whether in print, electronic or audio form.

Because people don’t read, they are more vulnerable to follow the liberal propaganda which is being constantly hammered by the mainstream media. In the past, the Church was strong to fight against Liberalism, but what’s about now? Since the recognition of the principle of Religious Liberty during the Council Vatican II, liberal ideas invaded our Holy Mother the Church. The latest blow came from the final document of the recent Synod of the Youth, which makes references to “paths of accompaniment in the faith of homosexual persons” and speaks of these paths helping these persons “to recognize the desire to belong to and contribute to the life of the community; and to discern the best ways of achieving it.”

How is it possible to have high ranked prelates who could give approval to such evil agenda? It is because of the whole scale spread of Liberalism within the Church, along with the lack of prayer and the loss of the spirit of sacrifice.
On our side, what will be our answer? Put everything back in place, both in the soul as well as in the body, by means of prayer life, good reading and the practice of sacrifice in our daily life. This season of Advent is a good time to start put into practice that agenda.

Let me take the occasion to promote the books of Fr. Denis Fahey, recently republished by Loreto Publications. Fr. Fahey was the most famous English writer about the doctrine of the Kingship of Christ, which is the true remedy against Liberalism.

On behalf of the communities of St. Michael’s Priory and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy, all my best wishes for Christmas!

Fr. Dominique Boulet