Legion of Mary Congress a Fountain of Grace

July 28, 2016
Source: District of Canada

Legionaries came together from across Canada to increase their spirituality and understanding of the system of the Legion of Mary.

For the first time ever in Canada an International Congress of the Legion of Mary was held within the SSPX. Two days of conferences and one day of spiritual guidance fortified the Legionaries present. They came to Toronto from Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal with a special delegate from the Philippines who is the vice-president of the SSPX Legion of Mary Regia there.

The Legion of Mary is an organization of lay apostles founded by Irishman Frank Duff almost 100 years ago. With its strictly ordered system it serves Our Lady in her all-important work of the sanctification of souls. Ranks include active members who focus on one-to-one contact with souls and auxiliaries who say set prayers for the success of Our Lady's work.

Topics at the Congress included: The Legion of Mary, an intensely ordered system; Qualities of the Legionary; The Miraculous Medal; True Devotion to Mary; and Spreading the Legion of Mary. Spiritual Conferences were on Purity, Humility, the Wedding of Cana and Mary Mother and Mediatrix.

Under the spiritual direction of District Superior, Fr Daniel Couture, the Legion is being strengthened and is growing in Canada. It may take a long time before we reach the forty Praesidia (groups) of the Philippines, but there always has to be a beginning.

The devil is on a rampage to drag all souls to hell while Mary is desperately trying to save as many of her children as possible. Yet, she can only work through people who are willing to help her. Will you say Yes to Mary and help her save souls? Join the Legion of Mary! If you would like to learn more and how you can get involved, please see the links below and/or send your questions.